Friday May 20th

6:00-10pm at The Rubin Museum

Opening Reception and free entrance to the museum + curated tours

SATURDAY MAY 21st @ The Center for Social Innovation


Reception w/ Coffee and Tea


Keynote Speech - Robert Thurman - Relation of Buddhist "Inner Science" to Buddhist Healing Science, as Developed in India and Further Maintained in Tibet.



Viktor Krystufek, Dipl.OM, LAc. - Trends in Acupuncture

Viktor will introduce acupuncture from its ancient past, current practice around the world and its future application according to the social and financial trends. Covered topics will include basic differences between the Eastern and Western medical approach, today's research featuring pain and stress management, arthritis, digestive system and autoimmune disorder acupuncture treatment approach and protocols.

Nuaxon Room

Vanessa Berenstein - The Future of Nutrition: Nutrigenomics and Personalized Nutrition

This talk will be a discussion surrounding the future of nutrition, including genetics and the microbiome.

Nuaxon Room



James Bae - Asian Medicine, Meditation and the Healing Narrarive

In this discussion, James H. Bae will explore the journey and landscape of Traditional Asian Medicine and Healing - it's contemplative sides, life narratives and hidden meanings. Through story and guided meditations from his latest book, we’ll examine the crossroads of Mindfulness and Asian medicine as they relate to self-healing and clinical practice.

Nuaxon Room

Jonathan Edwards, MSOM, LAc. - The Medicine of Nature

This talk on natural medicine's foundations explores how to apply lessons from nature to effectively treat disease. We'll touch on a range of topics from the language of plants to the strength of subtle and precise interventions. Includes clinical cases. 





Jacob Park, Nina Berry, Alexandra Climent , Hannah Phang- Sustainable Fashion and Design

What are the challenges that designers face as they seek to create sustainable products?  What kind of affect does unethical sourcing of manufacturing material really have on the environment and our health?  Who is leading the way in this area, and how far do we have to go before we are 100% sustainable?  This panel will explore these questions with industry professionals who are leading the way.


Nuaxon Room

David Walczyk - Jung and the Personal Equation

In this workshop, participants will be introduced to the core principles of Jung’s psychology and how they tend to manifest collectively in everyday life. We will then consider how these principles relate to what Jung called the “personal equation,” each individual’s subjective experience and contribution to being in the world.The theme of diversity will be used as a frame.


Intensive Room White

Vanessa Berenstein

Fermentation and the Microbiome - Almost every native diet worldwide has a traditional fermented food. Fermentation is one of the oldest known preservation methods; some historians estimate it goes as far back as 6,000 BC! Learn how fermented foods can help you improve your health and add flavor to your meals. The workshop will include a demonstration and recipe for making delicious, low cost fermented vegetables. (People who don't want to attend the whole festival may still purchase access to intensives - Purchase Tickets Here)

Intensive Room Black

James BaeGateways to Learning Traditional Medicine and Healing Tibetan Arts of Breath and Meditation: Intro To Nejang Healing Yoga

In this seminar, participants will learn accessible Self-Healing methods which traditional Tibetan physicians have prescribed to their patients, for centuries. These exercises have their origin in the Kalachakra system of yoga.(People who don't want to attend the whole festival may still purchase access to intensives - Purchase Tickets Here)



Panel - Simone Sloan, Meghan Holzhauer, Wendy Wecksell + Jeff Bausemer - Intentional Business Building

Meghan Holzhauer and Wendy Wendy, Co-Founders of Canvus, will be in conversation with business coach Simone Sloane of Your Choice Coach to explore bringing the practice of intention to the business world to elevate the relationships within and outside your company through the tools of compassion and transparency. You'll learn how the ancient practice of intention can be applied to the modern world of entrepreneurship.


Nuaxon Room

Dr Scott Von & Dr Julie VonPsychic, Psychotic, Psychedelic: The Future of Medicine & Psychiatry

After 30 years of research and clinical practice, we will discuss what psychic, psychotic, and psychedelic experience have in common and what they can teach us about psychic reality. We will then sketch out what the future will look like from methods we developed at the New Clinic for Integral Medicine & Psychiatry, and delineate a brief genealogy from Eastern and Western medicine, and psycho-analytic and psycho-spiritual practice. ”Substance, set, and setting" and "guided journeys" form the basis of the ancient therapeutic methods of shamanism and are applicable to modern medicine when combined with an ongoing transformative clinical relationship. 



Panel - Sophie Sagar, Jeff Bausemer, Andrea Praet, Jasmine TakanikosMindful Marketing

What does it take to create a product or a brand that is cool and mindful at the same time?  How should you create your image in order to appeal to a broader audience of people who want to live modern lives whle exploring traditional topics in spirituality and religion?  This panel will address these questions and many more.



Be Society Meditation with Tamara Edwards



Jay Michaelson - Evolving Dharma: Brainhacking, Meditation, and How to Have Mind-Blowing Mystical States without Drugs – and then get over them

There are one million new meditators in America every year.  And this is just the beginning: as the neuroscientific data showing how meditation changes the brain becomes more widely known, contemplative practice is set to explode.  But what is meditation, really, and how does it work?  What are some of the mind-blowing, heart-opening experiences that arise as part of the serious contemplative path?  Based on his new book, Evolving Dharma: Meditation, Buddhism, and the Next Generation of Enlightenment, Jay will answer these questions and the ones you bring as well.


Intensive Room Black

Jonathan Edward - Achillea and the Wounded Warrior’s Why-Arrow

Yarrow, Achillea millefolium, is one of our archetypal healing herbs. A powerful ally and teacher for anyone on a healing path, Yarrow’s use goes right back to Achilles and his infamous wounded heel. Good for staunching the flow of blood, Yarrow has subtler gifts, too: it helps us align with our calling, screen out distractions, and walk our walk--even if it means limping a little. This session will be dedicated to Yarrow’s profound medicine and will include an opportunity to get to know Achillea personally, through a plant tasting/meditation. (People who don't want to attend the whole festival may still purchase access to intensives - Purchase Tickets Here)

Intensive Room White

Viktor Krystufek - The Earth Element: Digestion in Chinese Medicine

This talk will explore the intricacies Digestion in Chinese Medicine and how it relates to overall health.  We will go over useful information you can use to improve your digestion immediately, and look at some individual cases in order to learn from example.  Herbs and Acupuncture will both be discussed, and we will end the session with a short meditation.(People who don't want to attend the whole festival may still purchase access to intensives - Purchase Tickets Here)


Nuaxon Room

Andrea Praet - The Wellness Effect

Join  Andrea Praet, Co-Founder of The Uplift Project, as she discusses why living well has become a focus and how wellness is influencing culture, communities and opportunities for business.



Lisa Park - Eunoia

Lisa will talk about and demonstrate her artwork utilizing brain-sensing headwear.

Nuaxon Room

Marina Masic - Light Technology

Lumina NY, is the exclusive NY Light center for Lucia No.3, revolutionary light technology providing transcendental light meditation and hypnagogic experiences.  Invented in Austria, by Dr. Dirk Proeckl and Dr. Engelbert Winkler, Lucia N°03 is a neuro-stimulator which combines a stroboscope (flickering light) with a constant light operating in different frequencies and programs. Participants sit with closed eyes as white light activates different areas of the brain and allows for immersion into an alternate state of consciousness. Reported benefits include seeing unique scenes of indescribable beauty, intense worlds of colors or patterns, in addition to feelings of deep relaxation, wellbeing, creative insights and renewed energy.


Dinner/Preparations for Evening Event



Ravé MehtaFear, Flow and the Quantum Body

Ravé is an award-winning engineer, entrepreneur, pianist and bestselling author. In 2012, Ravé fell extremely ill and almost died and later realized he was struck with Lyme disease. After being misdiagnosed by western doctors, Ravé travelled around the world and has met with over 40 alternative health practitioners to better understand the different health systems and perspectives on how the mind and body worked and their associated treatments. Through his research and experimenting with flow states, he was able to create a new holistic mind-body framework and testing method called the Quantum Body. Hear this inspirational story of how Ravé healed himself from Lyme disease and has been able to help many others heal by accessing more flow.



Panel - Dina Kaplan, Hunter Cressman, Tamara Edwards, Ravé Mehta and Jeff Bausemer - Modern Meditation

What's behind the modern meditation movement? What are some of the unique offerings for meditation here in New York City and elsewhere?  What are the unique challenges urban people face that particularly suits them to the practice of meditation, and how might they best go about starting a practice?  This panel will explore these questions and more.


Music: Yellow@The Light

Intensive Room White

Chris Kelley, PhD. - Laughing to Death: Overcoming Existential Anxiety with Buddhism and Comedy

In this lecture I explore both Buddhism and comedy as a palliative for existential anxiety. I argue that certain forms of "dark" comedy actually function in much the same way Buddhist discourse is intended to provide the individual with a more realistic view of life and death.


Intensive Room Black

Jarret Berenstein - Secrets of Longevity (Comedic Talk)


Intensive Room Black

Ingmar Gorman - Working with Psychedelic Experiences: Past & Present
This talk will cover the training of professionals working with psychedelic experiences in a broad context. We will begin with mental health professionals working with psychedelic substances in clinical and experimental contexts in the former Czechoslovakia, continuing on to therapist training in the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies' MDMA-Psychotherapy for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and ending on the topic of harm reduction at the Center for Optimal Living's Psychedelic Education and Continuing Care Program. 


Music: Dopeleague

Intensive Room White

Thomas Peisel - Lucid Dreaming Meditation: From East to West

Join Thomas as he leads the audience on a metaphorical and meditative journey to the dreamworld. It is from within this mental landscape that we learn what lucid dreaming is, what we can do with this unique awareness, and how to harness the power of our subconscious.


Intensive Room Black

Cortney Harding - VR, AI, and the Future of Music

How will emerging technologies like VR and AI impact the music business and change the way we listen? Will we consume concerts and experiences in the virtual world, and what else can artists do to integrate VR into their creative lives and careers? How will the rise of AI music programs like Jukedeck effect creators, and could a robot programmed to write the perfect pop song displace the good-looking young people at the top of the charts? We'll start with a quick history of music and tech and then dive right in to an exploration of how we'll listen in the future.


Intensive Room Black

Jeff Bausemer - What is East Meets West?

Why does this event exist?  Why is the conversation generated here so important?  What can we do to improve the event and make it bigger in the future?  Come and learn and explore the possibilities with us.


Main Space: DJ JoroBoro

Intensive Room White

Lex Pelger - The Multidisplinary Association For Psychedelic Studies and Why it Matters

We are at a tipping point with drug policy in the US, and that is largely on account of the work of MAPS.  Founded in 1986, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit research and educational organization that develops medical, legal, and cultural contexts for people to benefit from the careful uses of psychedelics and marijuana.  Come learn a little more about the organization that started a movement and what's happening these days in the realm of drug policy.




SUNDAY MAY 22nd  @ Yoganesh Yoga (208 W29th St (Bet 7th & 8th Ave)
2nd Floor #201, NYC 10001)


Rose Erin Vaughn - Unlocking the Magic: Hips Knees Ankles (Intensive Ticket Purchase Required for attendees who don't purchase full event pass - Purchase Tickets Here)

All levels intensive. Opening the lower body, Hips and Pelvis allows you to tap into an infinite resource of energy.  While going deep is not always pleasant, it will ultimately take you higher and bring a new force into your asana and life. We begin with a thorough strengthening warm-up to deep heat the joints.  You will learn meridian based access points to profoundly enhance understanding and access to deeper organ level opening, emotional release and whole body myofascial pathways. We will incorporate vinyasa, asana, pranayama, chanting, and longer meditative holds to unlock lines of tension in the hips, legs, knees and ankles.   These areas are the foundation of the body and can retain old emotional patterns. We will use longer meditative hip-deepening holds to unlock and let it flow.


Alexandre Tannous - Sound Meditation (separate ticket purchase required - Purchase Tickets Here)

Alexandre will offer a full sound meditation, an integrated practice combining a shamanic ceremonial setting with an Eastern emphasis on breathing exercises and visualization. Specific musical instruments played during the meditation allow participants to use sound as a therapeutic tool enabling them to disconnect from discursive thinking and delve into a transcendental state. Participants aim to disengage their undesirable habitual patterns and empower positive cognitive change. You may purchase this ticket without purchasing a ticket for or attending the rest of the event.

SUNDAY MAY 22nd @ The Center For Social innovation


Sound Bath with Michael Jay, Katie Down, Krystal Perkins, Basia Blonska

Sound baths promote relief from stress and anxiety, alleviate pain, reduce emotional stressors nd help balance the nervous system. Instruments include Gongs, 99% quartz crystal bowls, Himalayan singing bowls, tuning forks, Indian shruti boxes, harmonium, rattles, and didgeridoo.  Deep, resonant tones from Himalayan and crystal singing bowls, and gongs carry the listeners into a journey that enables an Alpha or Theta brain state, where spiritual connection and a sense of unity can be felt and where we experience vivid imagery in meditation, creative visualization, inspiration, and insight.



Panel - Ann Marie-Cushing, Alexandre Tannous, David Moises - Sound and the Future of Medicine 

This panel will discuss the evolving research in the science of sound and how it has been used for healing in both modern and ancient times, and what the future of sound as medicine in a clinical setting looks like.

Nuaxon Room

Noel Graupner - Intro to Ayurveda

In Sanskrit, the word Ayur means 'Life' and Veda means 'Knowledge'. Ayurveda is about using the Knowledge of your Life, of every part of yourself, to guide you as you manage inputs like diet, exercise, environment and relationships in a way that prevents physical or physiological imbalance, i.e. how to maintain a healthy body + mind.  In this class, you will learn the basic principles of Ayurveda, beginning with the basic definition of 'health' as balance. We will discuss the theory of the 5 elements and 3 doshas, and take a quiz to help you identify your constitution, your number one tool to learn how to find and maintain balance! Handouts will be giving and note taking is encouraged.

Intensive Room White

Anita Theresa Boeninger -The Healthy Alpha: A New Paradigm for Love, Leadership & Power

Alpha male. Alpha female. These terms are loaded with associations, often provoking mixed or outright negative feelings.  We live in dynamic times: women are ascending to more positions of power world-wide, the US has a prominent female presidential candidate juxtaposed with the familiar good ol’ boy archetype, while simultaneously the rates of infertility and divorce are exploding & gender identities are becoming more nebulous & fluid every day.  More than ever, it is time to explore new narratives of masculinity and femininity, leadership, and relating.  

In this interactive presentation & experiential workshop we will examine relationships & power through a spectral lens, drawing from modern research and ancient traditions to rediscover synergistic ways of relating, mating, and leading.  



Alexandre Tannous - Intro to Sound Meditation

Alexandre will give a short talk on how to properly use the consciousness-altering properties of sound to heighten self-awareness, to unlock hidden powers we have within us to promote profound inner changes and healing, to connect to the higher self, to fine-tune self-observation, and to attain self-realization. This material is based on fieldwork for 17 years in over 40 countries around the world, scientific studies, and on data collected from his sound therapy work with thousands of individuals. 

Nuaxon Room

Anusha Sehgal - The Subdoshas in Ayurveda

Many people are becoming familiar with Ayurveda these days, but often times it remains somewhat surface level.  This talk will bring participants into a deeper relationship with Ayurveda by exploring the level that comes after learning about the Doshas - the subdoshas - and their relationship to the 5 elements, the organs, and overall health.

Intensive Room White

Elena Pakhoutova - The Art of Tibetan Medicine

This talk will share with the audience examples of the rich visual tradition of Tibetan Medical arts that illustrate their fundamental principles, theory and practice, which were compiled through cultural connections with neighboring cultures and honed by centuries of applied knowledge.


Intensive Room White

Tracey Vincel PT MPhty and Sylvie Barthelemy - The Art and Science of Breath: Breathe Right To Feel Good

 Not all slow deep breathing is equal, and many of us do not experience its benefits because we're doing it incorrectly. Ever felt you were feeling dizzy, developing a headache, or chest tension when breathing deeply? Come refine your technique and understand why and how it all works on a biochemical level. 

Nuaxon Room

Guillaume Gauthereau - The Shamanic Worlds, Their Meanings, and Their Use in Contemporary Healing

In shamanic societies, all over the world, shamans talk about the existence of multiple worlds (upper world, middle world and lower world). In many cultures and traditions there are similar descriptions of other “worlds” that our human psyche can access, too. Traditionally, for healing purposes, shamans use those worlds, and the journeying to them (with drums, rattles, dances, plants, etc) to gain wisdom and information on the health of individuals, their tribes and their environment. In this talk we will explore those fascinating subjects and how this is relevant in today’s modern world. We will also have the opportunity to experience a journey to understand how this powerful knowledge can help us.  



Alexandre Tannous - Advanced Intro to Sound Meditation (People who don't want to attend the whole festival may still purchase access to intensives - Purchase Tickets Here)

Are you interested in learning the foundation of sound therapy? How to receive sound work, how and why it works, and what are the basics of facilitating with sound? In this lecture/workshop you will learn the following: Basic sound theory, How to develop active listening and basic playing techniques on the following instruments: gongs, Himalayan singing bowls, and other overtone-emitting instruments.

Intensive Room Black

Anusha Sehgal - Ayurvedic Ecosystem and Nutrition (People who don't want to attend the whole festival may still purchase access to intensives - Purchase Tickets Here)

Individualized health care as understood by Ayurveda and the essential role of nutrition. Our diet is the building block for the sustenance of your body.


Nuaxon Room

Ralph De La Rosa - Mindfulness and the Neuroscience of Natural Awakening

When given the proper conditions, it is the very nature of the human organism to heal, restore, wind down out of stress, and exist in a state of clarity and composure. So, what are those conditions? In this talk you will learn techniques for working with the mind, body, and breath designed to ease anxiety and rumination, and allow one's natural state to emerge. 


Intensive Room White

Ralph De la Rosa - Wired for Love: Meditation and the Neuroscience of Positive Regard (People who don't want to attend the whole festival may still purchase access to intensives - Purchase Tickets Here)

2,500 years ago the Buddha gave his students a recipe for enriching the high qualities of the heart: love, compassionate action, empathy, and strength. 21st century researchers have confirmed the deeply healing and life affirming effects of human connection. This workshop will combine he wisdom of these two traditions to offer fresh insight and potent practices for inciting a revolution in the heart.





Parvati Shallow - Mindful Leadership and HeartBeat Yoga

What does it take to live the life that you want to live with a working moral compass?  How do you incorporate meditation into that life, and what does it look like to be the boss in a way that's compelling and compassionate?  This talk will explore these questions and more, and then the talk will turn into a syncopated seated yoga class utilizing live drumming, breathing and movement.

SUNDAY EVENING @ Center For Social Innovation (Separate Ticketing Options for people who Can't attend the full Weekend)



Yoga Party - Mindful Flow with Ling @SpiceSadhaka 

This yoga happy hour will focus on movement with awareness, and will be accompanied by music from DJ Casey Skodneck and projections, ending with a sweet psychic deep rest and Spice Yoga's signature assisted relaxation. Bring your own mat. Free pre-registration here.


Main Space: DJ Saqib Malik

Intensive Room White

Richard Mandelbaum- Mushroom Chocolate

Reishi mushroom and cacao are both ancient, sacred remedies, one mushroom, one plant, interacting with humanity for thousands of years and more.  Despite their well-deserved popularity, the most profound healing potential of both reishi and chocolate is often overlooked: to Calm the Mind, to Lift the Spirit, and to Clear Heat from our Hearts with their potent medicinal bitterness.  Join us for a discussion of the physical, spiritual, and emotional benefits of these powerful remedies.

Intensive Room Black

Ramesh Narine - The Wandering Path of the Vagus Nerve

The vagus nerve is unique to mammals. It is the prime communication pathway of the central nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system. Why this matters is that the PNS is the seat of our embodiment. It governs our ability to digest, rest and procreate. Additionally, research is suggesting that the Vagus Nerve is the seat of our compassion and that it drives the practice of spirituality.  As our culture continues to encourage us to sit longer hours in front of artificial screens bleeding light, a desire to connect at a deeper level rises. How may we govern our internal relationship to this structure, cultivating auspicious states towards our highest?  Part seminar, part workshop, this brief encounter will share tangible tools to take home and support your highest receptivity, self care and practice."


Main Space: DJ Samuel Sutcliffe (FutureClear)

Intensive Room White

Patrick Fratellone, MD - Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired

This talk will explore disease, depression, dieting and the necessary lifetstyle changes you would need to make to avoid them.  The focus of the talk will be on Digestion, and will explore herbs and supplements you can use to help combat typical symptoms that New Yorkers present when they show up to the doctor's office.


Music: Amer Jandali - Amer spent 4 years DJing nightclubs and festivals in New Mexico and Texas. He played before thousands and opened for artists like Avicii, Tyga, LMFAO, and Lil John.


Intensive Room White

Ariel CarsonEmbodied Mindfulness in Action

Discover the underlying embodied coordination essential to translating the tenets of meditation into your daily life. Participants will learn the basic principles and process for how to organize their body-breath-mind-selves for optimal efficiency, presence, and flow in any activity. Utilizing the Alexander Technique as the foundation, deepen your practice of stopping, releasing, and then re-directing your whole self to find freedom in how you move, speak, and interact with the world. 

11pm - Midnight:

Music: DJ Gina Turner is an American disc jockey. Gina is one half of Nouveau Yorican, a musical side project with her husband Laidback Luke, and half of the DJ duo Staccato.She is also the head of Turn It Records.  Gina practices yoga, especially Vinyāsa Flow, in which she has an instructor certification. She has practiced yoga with fellow artists Diplo and Major Lazer.  She also has a strong Ashtanga background.


Vanessa Chakour - Warriors PathTraining: Integrated Movement, Meditation & Plant Medicine

This workshop will introduce the Warrior's Path system of training designed to deepen connection to our own bodies and the body of the earth. Reveal innate power through martial arts principles, pro boxing skills, meditation and creative exploration. Heighten awareness and facilitate a deepening connection to nature through local plant medicine teachings, sensory exercises and elemental meditations. This training helps us attune to our living environment, cultivates strength and provides a foundation for mindfulness. We’ll share a nourishing herbal infusion made from Brooklyn born plants, explore empowering movement, meditate, share, free-write and set personal intentions.