Jeff Bausemer is an alumni of The Boston Latin School, Tufts University, and the Great Books Program at St. John's College (Santa Fe), where he graduated with a double major in Philosophy and The History of Math and Science and a double major in the Classics and English Literature.  Jeff has been a student of Yoga for 8 years, has lived in the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in San Francisco, and has done a 150-hour IYI training with a School of Yoga in Mexico in 2012.  He completed a 250-hour western massage therapy program at The School of Healing Arts in San Diego in 2012.  He completed a 330-hour training in Herbal Medicine at The Arborvitae School of Herbalism with Richard Mandelbaum and Claudia Keele in New York City in 2015.  In addition, he completed a 200-hour training in Ayurveda with Hillary Garivaltis and Kristen Rae Stevens, as well as a 100-hour training in Integrative Sound Therapy under the supervision of Alexandre Tannous, both trainings taking place at The New York Open Center in 2016.  He is planning to enter the Jungian and Archetypal Studies Masters Program at Pacifica College in the Fall of 2017.

Jeff Bausemer is the founder and producer of East Meets West, and he offers personalized treatments in a variety of healing modalities, including Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation, Herbal Medicine Treatment, and Personal and Group Sound Healing.  His services are highly sought after, one-of-a-kind and deeply transformational.  All treatments include an hour-long initial consultation process in order to establish where change is really necessary.  He specializes in identifying and healing psychological blocks and traumas, and works with the mind and the body equally to alleviate symptoms and root causes.  With each session, lifestyle recommendations are made, and follow up appointments suggested.

Please contact him at jeff.bausemer(at)gmail.com to schedule your session with him.


Personal Sound Healing Session (2.5 Hours): 
$250-$300 (donation scale)

Using sound is my personal favorite way to meditate, and can completely transform people's lives in a 1-on-1 session.  Sound therapy is an ideal tool for stress reduction and facilitator of breaking up emotional blockages as well as booster of creativity, clarity and health. This proven modality amplifies mindful awareness and facilitates one's own ability to identify limiting and undesirable belief systems.  It awakens emotional awareness and allows the participant to release unresolved trauma in many instances.  Participants engage in an hour long consultation on personal and interpersonal issues, and are instructed as to how to approach and engage with the ensuing session.  Then they lie down while being, effectively, bathed in the sound of a variety of different instruments, including gongs, crystal bowls, and many others.  


Initial Herbal Consultation (90 Minutes): 
$95-$125 (donation scale)

The initial consultation is a comprehensive look at your unique individual health patterns and is recommended for new clients. During this session we will review your health questions and concerns, personal health and wellness goals, and do a thorough review of your body systems, diet, medications, and review any supplements you are currently taking. We will also explore any mental, emotional, and spiritual concerns related to your wellness goals.

Follow Up Herbal Consultation (60 Minutes): 
$75-$100 (donation scale)

During the follow up consultation you will meet with Jeff to discuss your experience with the herbal formulas and recommendations.  During the follow up we may decide to modify your formula or dosage and we will coach you through the next phase of the herbal journey.

It is recommended that clients follow up at least once within a month of the initial appointment. Most clients will need to stay on an herbal formula for 3-6 months depending on the nature of the imbalance and how chronic the pattern is. Our goal is to help your body heal so you can ease off of your herbal formulas and let the healing power of nature take the reins!

30 Minute Check In: 
$45-$60 (donation scale)

A quick 30 minute check is is good for acute conditions, colds, or for quick check ins. These appointments are also available for those wanting a specific herb or herbal formula. 30 minute check ins can be done in person or via Skype.


Initial Consultation (90 minutes): 
$150-$200 (donation scale)

Consultations consist of individualized assesment and care in dietary and lifestyle habits.  Recommendations include but are not limited to: yoga as medicine, seasonal cleanses, herbal remedies, meditation, bodywork and tips and tricks to improve general resilience.