T H E  V I B E

East Meets West isn't a conference.  It's not a summit, and it's not a festival.  It's a vibe.  It's a wave length.  It's a common set of principles that animates everyone at the event, and that changes people's lives while they are with us.  We can't really describe it, but it's based around being and doing good, dreaming enormous, being calm, listening to music, and a love of living in this modern world.  Our kind of people are fun, curious, urban, young at heart, stylish, cool, sexy, vibrant, healthy, loving, fierce, determined, #woke, passionate, larger than life kind of people.  And even if you aren't, you are still welcome.  Let us show you a few things.

T H E  P E O P L E

As our name implies, the people at East Meets West come from all over the world and from many vocations, including wellness practitioners, yoga teachers and students, life/business/health coaches, social impact entrepreneurs, staff from Airbnb, Fitbit, and Twitter and anyone interested in leading more meaningful, healthy lives.  You'll fit in here if people want to be your friend, if you love connecting with others, if you can't stop learning new things, if you love philosophy and the history of thought, if you are cool as fuck and unapologetically following your passion.

T H E  S P E A K E R S

We feature a diverse array of speakers, coming primarily from the fields of wellness and mindfulness, and that extends outwards to include people from art, technology, design, wisdom traditions, neuroscience, physics and more. Past speakers have come from the Tibet House, Airbnb, The Rubin Museum, CBS's hit show Survivor, Parsley Health, and have included many yoga, nutrition and wellness school and studio founders, along with teachers from various wellness and mindfulness traditions.

T H E  C O N V E R S A T I O N

We explore topics at the intersection of Eastern and Western thought and lifestyle. In previous years, we've explored mindfulness, ayurveda, modern yoga, branding in wellness, business development, natural medicine, diet, exercise, education, life/business/health coaching, politics, meditation + neuroscience, and much more